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21 February 2017


Our experience, along with a clear vision of the future, now requires us to focus on the added value of security, intended as an expression of services that supplement and complete each other, interacting not only when actually needed, but also to prevent the risk factor, which is increasingly included in a broad and strategic vision.

With this in mind, IVRI has created an in-house Research & Development area aimed at innovation and support of the services offered in the security field.

IVRI’s innovations regard both the techniques adopted to improve the product offered in its services (process innovation), and the product itself (product innovation), if the requested services include the contribution of equipment and technological systems.

IVRI’s R&D division handles two separate areas:

  • research, which is primarily aimed at designing and testing new products or processes under laboratory conditions
  • development, or applied research, where the products created through new research projects assume an economic dimension and transform into breakthroughs

Although both activities are focused on innovation, the first is primarily oriented to expanding knowledge (strategic or purely scientific), and thus includes study, analysis, and training, while the second is primarily focused on the search for practical solutions (technology applied to the service) or the translation of certain research results into marketable applications.

IVRI’s R&D adopts new technologies generated in-house, using its own technological areas, but is also aimed at acquiring them through various learning processes (learning by doing, learning by using), through partnerships that incorporate new technologies (know-how), licensing contracts, and collaboration agreements for technological equipment applied to the world of security.

R&D thus also includes analysis, study, and planning aimed on one hand at diversifying production, and on the other at meeting new security sector needs arising from or caused by new scenarios.

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