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Investigations requested by private parties or public legal entities, collection, analysis, processing, evaluation and estimates of economic, financial, credit, asset, industrial, production, entrepreneurial, and professional data of sole proprietorships, companies, including partnerships, legal entities, bodies or associations as well as physical persons, such as, for example, company representatives, shareholders, professionals, workers, contractual parties, customers, including potential customers, of third party principals, in accordance with domestic and EU laws on the protection of privacy.

In order to carry out these activities, the company may collect information from public registries, lists, instruments or documents which are available to anyone (such as chamber of commerce profiles, title searches, financial statements, protests, extraordinary real estate charges, bankruptcies and insolvency procedures, registry certificates or extracts) or which are accessible to the public (such as directories and online information), or which come from private sources (such as the principal itself, the interested party, and other private parties), is acquired and processed for economic or commercial reasons or to assess the solvency, reliability, or economic capability of the interested party and the relative evaluation, including in the form of summary indicators, processed through the intellectual/professional work of a person or through automated and computerized procedures.


- Analysis of hard disk and data
- Analysis of emails
- Analysis of data and files
- Analysis of mobile devices
- Analysis of internet traffic
- Social Networks
- Web penetration tests
- Hardware and software keylogger analysis
- Internet security and web protocols
- Computer investigations (OSINT)
- Web Reputation

Electronic Enviroment Debugging

Protection of the right to confidentiality and privacy through screening and inspections:
- communication equipment (fixed and mobile phones, VoIP - internet)
- internet data traffic (in/out)
- control of radio frequencies (rf) up to 10 ghz
- control of electromagnetic fields (emù)
- GSM, GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G mobile devices, etc.
- data receiving and transmission devices

Security Technologies

Monitoring sensitive areas, events, persons, and places remotely in real time
- High technology electronic equipment
- Drones – remote controlled aircraft and terrestrial drones
- GPS (Global Position System) satellite locators for positioning system
- GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) for cellular mobile technology
- Remote video surveillance with day/night IP micro cameras
- Encrypted communications equipment and systems
- Video surveillance systems
- Setting up automobiles for static and dynamic investigative activities
- Remote alarm systems, remote control via smartphone through IP webcam, burglar alarms, dual technology (infrared and microwave) perimeter sensors, anti-tampering sensors, connection to law enforcement authorities, portable GSM devices for robbery prevention and emergency rescue services


Security in the local area

Ensuring national coverage, our services in the local area include surveillance, urban security aimed at the prevention of criminal activities and terrorism, emergency management, secure building designs, and integrated surveillance, plus reception & facilities services.

Cash in transit

We are a leader in the field of transporting valuables at the national level. The service is supplemented by handling, counting, and safeguarding cash, which is withdrawn, recounted, verified, selected, handled, and packaged using specialized personnel, in accordance with current laws.

Consulting & risk management

A range of services to meet new challenges: from risk management consulting to cybersecurity programs; from intelligence activities to identification of emerging risks and the relative implementation of customized defense measures, to activities aimed at guaranteeing efficient management of business continuity.


We develop and use the most advanced technologies in our various spheres of operation. Thanks to our international partnerships, we can offer the Italian market extremely cutting-edge, innovative technological solutions, integrating them into security systems designed especially for each client.

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