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Consulting & risk management
OUR SERVICES - Consulting & risk management

Business Continuity

We offer innovative services so that companies can efficiently manage their business continuity. In addition to Business Continuity projects, we offer “BeST,” a simulation platform created by Lotan Hls & Defense, with the goal of developing and exercising the skills necessary to manage risks, and to create or test procedures to handle emergencies so that business continuity can be guaranteed during unexpected attacks.

Intelligence Services

Intelligence services, both domestic and international, consist of analyzing, studying, and monitoring existing and developing threats within the client’s context. We have a structure that makes it possible to study and identify emerging risks and implement defense measures, offering customized integrated security designs.

Risk Management

Risk Management is designed to optimize security activities by identifying, analyzing, and assessing risks in order to develop strategies to predict, anticipate, and manage them.

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity programs include various technologically advanced activities that range from monitoring and consulting on telecommunications, IT, and data security. These programs include investigations of conformity and design and implementation of plans that comply with current laws.


Security in the local area

Ensuring national coverage, our services in the local area include surveillance, urban security aimed at the prevention of criminal activities and terrorism, emergency management, secure building designs, and integrated surveillance, plus reception & facilities services.

Cash in transit

We are a leader in the field of transporting valuables at the national level. The service is supplemented by handling, counting, and safeguarding cash, which is withdrawn, recounted, verified, selected, handled, and packaged using specialized personnel, in accordance with current laws.

Intelligence Services

The operating section of Intelligence, IVRI Special Projects, is designed for institutional, corporate, and private clients, with technically specialized personnel who hold all the necessary legislative licenses. Its technological know-how is constantly updated, and it operates both domestically and internationally.


We develop and use the most advanced technologies in our various spheres of operation. Thanks to our international partnerships, we can offer the Italian market extremely cutting-edge, innovative technological solutions, integrating them into security systems designed especially for each client.

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