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Who We Are

IVRI, Istituti di Vigilanza Riuniti d’Italia, is leader in the security field throughout the country, with specific expertise in the design of integrated services of surveillance, transport of valuables, and the operation of alarm systems.

It is specialized in the design of exclusive services for the protection of homes, individuals, companies and public places such as airports, ports, banks and retail outlets.

It is the system solution that enables large customers, with operational and geographic complexity, to manage their sensitive areas through the country, with risk control over those activities on an outsourcing basis.

Group Numbers

7.200 employees: the security guards are trained through highly specialized courses and hold a police license (Italian requirement pursuant to Legislative Decree T.U.L.P.S.) and weapons permit

40 offices in Italy that provide total coverage of the country

27 operations centers interfacing 24 hours a day with all the patrols and with all the unidirectional and bidirectional peripherals, in accordance with Law 46/90 and with the directives of the Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano

19 vaults with highly sophisticated security features

1.300 vehicles, including patrol cars, patrol motorcycles, and armored vans. The motor pool also includes fire trucks, bicycles and electric vehicles.
Over 70.000 customers, including important institutions, banks, multinational companies, ports, airports and universities.

4.933.566 calls to the call center (average calls per year processed nationally)

9.750.00 kms traveled each month by our vehicles

Over 100 thefts thwarted each month

2.875.246 security operations per year

Over 4.000.000 transports of valuables each year by our armored vehicles throughout Italy

263 armored bullet-proof vehicles with radio link to the operations center, a satellite tracking system, cut-resistant plating, and a foam-block or ink-box system to prevent the theft of the content from armored vehicles for transport of valuables


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Ethics and legislation

IVRI S.P.A. has adopted  a model of organization, management and control pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8 June 2001 that complies with specific, rigid principles applied to all the group companies. The company’s organizational model consists of a structured, organic system of internal procedures, controls and disciplinary mechanisms that eliminate or minimize the possible commission of the crimes specified in the decree and addressed to governance bodies, top management, and employees.

Quality Standard

The IVRI quality system complies with quality assurance standard UNI EN ISO 9001.

All the security projects developed for IVRI clients undergo a period of testing and quality control of the design, followed by rigorous criteria of planning and verification procedures.



Many of our professionals are certified Security Manager according to UNI 10459:1995

Our clients
IVRI currently serves over 70,000 clients throughout the country, including:




I.V.R.I. S.p.A. - Tax code/VAT no. 03169660150 - Via Sapri 26 - 20156 Milan, Italy
Milan Company Registry no. 03169660150
R.E.A. of Milan no. 883946
Paid-in share capital € 1,000,000

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